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    Nolva during or after Superdrol cycle?

    Hey all. Long time lurker, just started to post here. Great info by the way -- you guys are the bomb. I have run one cycle b4 - Test-E, worked wonderfully, no gyno or other probs.

    My supp. dried up (he "disappeared") so I am going to try Superdrol instead of something harder, mostly because I can get my hands on it.

    From research here, it doesn't seem like Superdrol requires Clomid and Nolva PCT. Am I OK just doing Nolva after the cycle, or should I run 10 with it?

    By the way, I am a competitive cyclist so I have trouble keeping weight on. Also, I am not looking for a bulking cycle -- really looking more for increased explosive stregnth and lean muscle only (to the extent that's possible) -- another reason I thought the Superdrol might be a good choice.

    Plan to run as follows (recommended by another cyclist):

    Wk 1: 10
    Wk 2: 20
    Wk 3: 30
    Wk 4: 30


    5'9" 185lbs 8% BF

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    I would say you are ok with the nolva after cycle but a lot of guys take a small dose daily through the cycle to prevent gyno. myself, I take the nolva after the cycle and have had good luck.

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    how big of a dose of nolva during and after the cycle?

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