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    Which one is the real m1t?

    I know M1t was recently banned, but which brand is the real stuff, i've seen all kinds of different brands and different variations like m1p and m1t2. I'm 19 years old right now and i've been working out since i was 16 but all the results i ever really see is just toning up i've never really gained much muscle mass and was just loking to gain somewhere in the are of 10 lbs., which one of these products would be the best for me because i'm on the light side, i'm like 150lbs, and also where would be the best place to purchase this. EX: website. Any information is appreciated. thanks.

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    honestly bro i'd recommend staying away from over the counter prohormones. there's no guarentee that they're going to work like steroids but they do have the same side effects as steroids. whats your diet like anyways? if you want to put on size you need to eat. try upping your caloric intake. you need somewhere around 3500 excess cal/week in order to gain a lb of muscle, or so i have read. this means u need an extra 3500 cal on top of what you already take in and expend. when im bulking i eat somewhere around 4000 calories/day or better. you can do what you want and im sure you will but thats just my opinion. good luck

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    3500 Cal A Week??? Wow, Guy Must Be Trying To Lose Weight Not Gain...lmao......its 3500/day, Spread Out Over 6 Meals. Being 19 Your Test Levels Are Already Peaking. Stay Away From Anything Right Now, The Gains Will Come With Time.

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    there is no real stuff, M1T is not being sold at all anywhere (OTC). There is other stuff replacing it, none are M1T.

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    There isn't any site to buy M1t from now; M1P and the others are different compounds that are named and marketed to sound like M1T. Stay away from them. I have used M1T and I hate what the stuff does to my body. It was a quick nasty shutdown. I got very noticable nad shrinkage after two weeks. Gains came quick, but the weight you see on the scale is misleading... your'e not gaining 15 lbs of pure dry muscle in two weeks. It's a combination of glycogen storage, new muscle and extra water it causes to be held in your kidneys. That's the kind of thing this junk does to your body. It raised my bloodpressure so I got nightly nosebleeds. While on test and tren , bloodpressure was no where near this bad. It also made me extremely tired and lethargic. People always talk about side effects from juice... side effects from test and even TREN are nowhere near as bad as M1T. It's a junk compound IMO. If you're 150 visit the diet forum before you look into anabolic compounds. When the time comes (say, at least 30 or 40 pounds later), try some test, injections are easy! If you're going the legal route, look into a company called ALRI.

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    M1T's are good, if u can handle the side effects. the first time i did them, the sides weren't to bad but i was taking a low dosage. but every time after that, it was killer. i was always tired, i took naps quite frequently, i could hardly walk from the back pumps i was getting, oh and not to mention the few times i was coughing up and sneezing out blood. but the strength and size gains are amazing, but unless u have a good PCT, you will lose them all. but like everyone else has mentioned, wait a year or so before taking this or anything else. good luck with everything!

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    Honestly i would advise you to stay away from steroids like M1T, superdrol etc. As stated above, try fixing your diet before using drugs.

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