I am 30 yrs old and have been weight training for 15 yrs. I am 5'11 and weigh 221 lbs. I ordered 200 5 mg naposim metandienonum from Terpia. They arrived in about 10-12 days.
I also got the 10 mg tamoxifen . I know i should be using test along with it but I dont know the proper way to inject. I'm currently into my second week, 20 mg a day,10 mg tamoxifen, and haved gained about 4 pounds. This is my second cycle with d-bol. On my first cycle, i use thai d-bol, my weight increased to 254 lbs. I didnt use clomid after my cycle and lost everything. I did a cycle of QV anavar at 20 mg a day and gained 4 pounds the first week. I thought d-bol was more powerful than anavar, and that during the first week, you would normally gain 5 pounds? Are these Terapia naposim fake or underdosed. or is the slow weight gain the result of the tamoxifen helping with water retaining? I look more muscular and strength has improved, but this could be because of increase in calories. Has anyone ordered Terapia naposim?