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Thread: Hcg After Pct

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    Hcg After Pct

    hey guys

    i'm curently on my 7th day of clomid and i'm using a 300/100/50 method dosage. i wanted to run some hcg after i was done the clomid to give my sex drive a boost(i've never used it before) how long should i wait before i use it

    i know hcg is usually supposed to be run in the last few weeks in a cycle however as you can see its too late. can i any benefit from using it a couple of weeks after my pct is done or am i just wasting my money. thanks

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    id leave it alone, the time for hcg is before the clomid,clomid is more effective than hcg post cycle, but some long term users like to use hcg during a cycle, or to prepare the testes for clomid therapy

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