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    question rephrased

    ok i need to rephrase my question: she is looking to build muscle mass, but loose the fat, need to know what she should take for that. and would the clenbute be ok for her to take to loose the fat

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    dude it all comes down to diet and training .... simple is that ... no steroid will magically give her the body she wants .... if she's not doin enough cardio, eating like shit, and has a horrible training regiment ... then the gear is gonna do nothing for her

    check out the diet and workout forums for more info

    she should be able to knock off some lbs just by changing her lifestyle

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    well as i didnt see the original posting i definately agree with women the most essential is diet and a good routine, which should be obvious to u. I would never give clen to anyone i cared about, just doesnt measure up to the side effects. Only think that i would ever give a woman is var with primo tabs or win tabs. Depending on the mgs of the tabs u get go with about 3 of 5mg tabs of var, and about a total of 50mgs of the win spread over the course of a week. The primo ull have to look up, i dont recall off the top of my head

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