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Thread: D-bol or Test?

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    D-bol or Test?

    Hey everyone I am looking to gain muscle mass as soon as possible. I am 19 Years old 6'2, and about 166 pounds, pretty ripped for a skinny guy
    can bench 180, I have been working out hard for about the last month and a half and have gained about 8 pounds and added about 30 pounds to my bench. However the only thing I see and people have noticed growing are my arms. I really need to put on some weight, I have been eating a lot I wake up at 6 eat a peanut butter and apple butter sandwitch with a glass of milk at 9 i eat a double egg bacon n cheese sandwitch, for lunch I eat a ham and cheese sandwitch i eat a large dinner, usually another peanut butter or two before I go to sleep and some snacks in between, and I probably go through a gallon of milk in 2 days, Still I have yet to see the gains I want to see. I should be big genetically, My father is almost 60 and is about 220 and benches about 250. I really needsome tips on putting on muscle weight, I know your all going to tell me not to start juicing, but I am going to anyway, and am looking for the best way to juice. I workout consists of doing about 5 sets of 10 reps @ 140 benching, 100 pushups 100 crunches, 100 situps, run a mile a day, and about an hour and a half of free weights a day. I can get D-Bol pills, or Test Liquid I only plan on doing a single cycle, then taking some weight gainer, so I would like some advice on how to put on some pounds naturally also. Thanks in advance for any help.

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    before I even start to read your entire thread... I can sum up one good point... You're too small dude... you can put on some serious size without the gear.. Truuuuust me.... learn how to eat and the rest will come.... AAS won't even help you out unless you understand a decent diet.... read the bulking stickies.

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    okay, just finished reading the rest... dude ,, you gots a lotsa readin to do... don't waste your money on juice.. you don't even understand what a diet is yet.... not a flame, I just want to help you out.

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    the reason youre not gaining any weight is b/c your diet is terrible bro!! No offense bro, but you need to read a lot on how to eat properly to gain muscle. Here's an great example of a bulking diet

    UNoffical "How to Bulk" thread and sample diet...

    You need to eat like that to gain weight, especially with steroids . If you dont have a good diet, you will get next to nothing from them, and will lose what little gains you make. Steroids dont work miracles, but they do work very well with a great diet and training. Just try eating like the diet in that thread and you'll put on some size in no time without steroids especially b/c youre so young and your natural test levels are so high right now.

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    listen to justin sane... hes right... but im in the same boat as u.. im 20(just turned in feb) and i did my first cycle not knowing wat i was doin at the age of 18(d-bol only ya i kno STUPID) i gained about 10lbs then lost it all and actually put on some fat cuz of it.. then i did research, read anything and everything i could get my hands on.. then i decided to do another one and i gained a solid 35lbs followed by another cycle... but im not getting into detail.. don't juice when ur young bro.. it f*cks things up.. i decided to wait till im 23 to put AAS back into my body ... take that for wat its worth

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    Hi M8.
    Yes. You sure are to young to start.... but you are going to do it anyway.
    First of all, you don't grow during workout, but during rest.
    100 pushups 100 crunches, 100 sit-ups, run a mile a day, does not give your body rest. No mater what you take, with this you only end up burning your muscle.

    If you want to gain, train HIGH weight, low reps, and low exercises. Bench, peck deck and fly's are enough (4 x 8 each) for chest. You can do the math yourself for the rest.

    Test will give you results after 5 or 6 weeks. D-bol will give you results within one week, but.......
    D-bol will give you also more water retention
    D-bol will give more stress on the liver
    D-bol won't be long term muscle

    This is why most cycles are a combination
    D-bol as a “jumpstart”, during the first 4 to 6 weeks, till the test starts to work.
    For the dosages… it is some you need to find out. More is not better when it comes to steroids !!!

    For me, 15 to 20 mg D-bol a day (divided in 3 times over the day) works OK
    People, who are doing their third or fourth cycle, may need 30 to 40 mg per day.

    For the test, 250 to 500 mg per week is a good start.

    It is simple, if you have good results on 20mg, you won’t get “better” results on 40 mg.

    A D-bol only cycle seems to be “not done” as you will “lose” half of the gain (as it was water retention anyway) and Test will give you more quality mass.

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