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    Is it OK to do this?

    My two friends started a DECA only cycle which I advised them not to and now they are surprised they can not get it up (DECA DICK). They are in their second week and this is the first cycle they have ever done. They told me they have TEST CYP lying around and I was wondering if it is adviseable for them to add in the TEST and quit the DECA or is it too late? Are there any better suggestions to help them out?


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    It is never too late...If they have an ample amount of test to continue throughout the run with deca , they should be fine.

    If they have 1 vial or something, then that is where more problems will surface.

    Your friends are idiots for not taking your advice. Tell them to come to this board and read up before they make more mistakes that could damage their health.

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    just make sure they run the test higher than the deca

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tazwell
    just make sure they run the test higher than the deca
    and the test 1 week longer than deca

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    Well i dont think deca will damage thier health unless they do something incredibly stupid, i cant even actually come up with an example really unless its not Deca or they cant understand how to use a syringe. But yah take some test since they have it. If u can, get some dbols to kick start it if thier girls are not being taken care of while the cyp hits them. Who knows maybe they find some viagra lying around like they did with the cyp.

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