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    Newbie wants opinion on 2nd cycle

    yes i'm a newbie. i have done my research on the ed. threads but still have some ?'s . here's some background info on my last cycle and here's what i wanna know for my second...

    1st Cycle
    Test C - 400 mg wk for 10 wks
    PCT - Clomid (began 2wks after last injection, took for a lil over 2 wks)
    *had no trouble w/ gyno or water retention

    2nd Cycle
    I have both Test E and C on hand. I originally was going to throw deca in there but am having trouble with that. i was wondering about the following...
    1) is there any benefit of stacking both tests or is it a waste?
    2) is there an advantage of taking either one for my 2nd cycle?
    3) how high is too high of a dosage for either

    these are some of the cycles i was considering depending on those answers
    1) test e 375 mg wk & test c 400 mg wk for 10-12 wks
    2) test e 500-750 mg wk for 10-15 wks
    3) test c 600-800 mg wk for 10-15 wks

    PCT for 2nd Cycle
    Nolva (tamox) - 10 to 20 mg ED on cycle (in case b/c of higher dosage and test e) & continued for at least 14-30 wks after last injection
    Clomid - 100 mg 2 wks after last injection for 14-30 days
    HCG - is that necessary for any of the following cycles?

    if anyone has any suggestions, critiques, and what not it would be very helpful...thanx

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    no need to stack both tests..for your second cycle i would run one of the tests at 500 mg/week, for 12 weeks...hcg not necessary..i would run the clomid like this, day 1 of PCT (14days after last test shot) 300mg, days 2-21 100 mg/day..dont think you will need to run it for 30 days, but it wouldnt hurt

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    is it a good idea to throw in the nolva just in case for water retention or gyno? i had no problems w/ test c but i dunno how i'd react to test e.

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