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Thread: cycle?

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    I am looking at this for my next cycle;

    Week 1-15 150Mg EOD Tri-Tren
    Week 1-15 100 Mg EOD Test Prop (Is 300 Mg a Week enough Prop?)
    Week 7-15 100 MG ED Winny
    Week 1-6 250 Mcg ED T3 (2wks on 2 wks off? I read the same article Alpha-Male commented on earlier, but still don't know if I should cycle it.)
    Week 1-6 250 Mcg ED Clen

    I have Proviron , Nolv, for ait-E's and Clomid, HCG for PCT

    I also have enough Anadrol and Test E to run a bulker afterwards.

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    I would def inject tren ED, EOD with prop is Ok tho, and I would atleast match the test to the tren or better yet run it a little higher

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