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    Winny vs. D-bol in Toxicity

    what is the liver toxicity ratio or rate between, Inj winny, Inj. winny (orlly administrated), winny tabs, and d-bol tabs?

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    Injection winny and oral winny are the identical same thing. Its the same winny powder, but one is made into a tablet for ingestion while one is converted with oil into an injectable. The difference is youre injecting one. SO basically its liver toxic if you ingest it and not liver toxic if you inject it.

    Dbol is harsher than winny, most only run it for 4 weeks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by chris2wire
    not liver toxic if you inject it.
    It will still be toxic on the liver, its a 17-aa steroid . The only difference will be that it will only make one pass through the liver instead of two, which will greatly reduce toxicity.

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