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    Do I PCT or Keep Going? Please Help!

    I need some opinions....

    First off, I know I fvcked up....I got only part of my gear initially.... excuses, but my buddy (who has been reliable) told me I would get the rest of my gear before I ran out....suprise, suprise, Shiat fu**ed up and I am now 9 days overdue for my shot of test e. I am doing 400mg/week.

    SO, long story short, I went to get the rest of my gear from my buddy (which was supposed to be no prob). My buddy who was supposed to get me my gear lost my address then once I gave him my address, he never sent the gear for an additional 2 now I am at like day...16 since my last shot of test e (9 days over-due). I have my gear now, but not too sure what to do.

    I need some advice on what to do. Should I PCT and redo my cycle, or can I front load with like 800mg to get my test levels back up? what should I do? I am into week 6 (including the extra week waiting) into my cycle, and I don't want to quit and to restart.

    Any opinions would be helpful.

    **I would like to hear what people think is the BEST thing to do, as well as what they think about frontloading with 800-100mg and continuing from there.**

    Thanks in advance.

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    u'll be ok to go on, because u r slightly over the half life for Test E. go ahead bro.
    No comment on frontloading.

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    exact same thing happened to me, i ran 5 weeks at 500mg/wk then for 2 weeks i didnt have any, but i frontloaded and now im back on track, week "8" or week 6 w/e u wanna call it

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    yeah i dont know about the front loading, I would just keep on chugging.

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    You usualy start PCT coming off Test E two weeks after your last shot so you've only just stepped over the boundry. It seems you'll be ok to keep going with the cycle as normal. I'm not sure but I don't think that front loading would be a good idea.

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