Alright, I'm 6'1 195lbs 22yo Male with a very slim build. I'm trying to build mass and strength but my body type makes it very hard for me to do that. I've looked the same since I was about 175 lbs, I have small arms and chest and very wide lats. I'm alot slimmer than alot of my workout buddys who got more mass on me but also slightly stronger.
I'm trying to get up to 205/210 by the end of the year. I've only went up 5 lbs this year but that was mass lost from oct-jan.
I have a buddy here who tried 1AD and went up 45 lbs this year, I've never seen a gain like that in my life. I'm pretty knowledgable with nutrition and suppliments but when it comes to off the shelf PH's and Anabolics I'm completely lost.
I was considering taking a cycle of 1AD stacked with creatine, trib, and of course whey but I was wondering what you guys thought about it.
Also would I need to take anti oxidants and have a PST with anti est afterwards?
For the records I am currently in Iraq and am a combat soldier. Amazingly this is the best time I've been able to concentrate on working out since I was 17, nutrition is hard here but I've been able to make it by, by sticking with the bland fundamentals.
Thanks for any help.