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Thread: running nolva

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    wait.. where am I?..

    running nolva

    my cycle is like this weeks 1-10 deca 300/wk weeks 2-11 test e 500/wk I got nolva on hand, and I was wondering when I should run it. Should I go ahead and run it with the cycle, or hang onto it and use it only if I need it.

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    Some people would say save it for PCT but if gyno pops up during the cycle take it ,well I myself take noval when im on my cycle and for pct. The reason why is that for me the noval during the cycle keeps my balls from shriking as ba ,they are still farley big as opposed to when I run without they are rasins. Noval does many good things 1) keeps bitch tits out 2) keeps esrogen from adding water to you 3) it keeps you nuts producing test and they dont shrink as bad so ther for one could asume recovery is quicker GET BIG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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