Does anyone here not caring so much about taking so much effort in thinking about what they take. I mean is it that hard to find good gear. I would never take test again but i was very serious then. Now though i might only train a couple of days a week and take 400 of say eq a week for 6 months or so and just view it as almost just some supplement. I do that with primo too. Im happy with my looks already and those products are almost of no concern to me. I wouldnt take more than 2 bottles of win though. Maybe also just some 2 bottles of winnh for the hell of it. I have always been healthy, never had any signs of problems and am always checked up by my doc. It seems people think things over to the point that some people look for people to convince them, get so worked up, think that they will have some major problems, basically view it as some sort of amazing task, and lastly think that it is also some one cycle that will satisfy them. U will never be satisfied in the gym for the most part. U are ur own worst critic. U know when to quit on the harder testo products and am bif, but after those i almost view eq and other such light cycles like a protien shake. I have not touched anything for like 6 months now. Well im guessing a lot of u will think im nuts and especially the ones that believe they have a degree in this subject. But i do it cus i like it and pretty much for the hell of it.