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Thread: My cool cycle

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    My new cycle opinions?

    Any good advice on my cycle.

    Andropen 275 w 1-12 e3d
    Primobolan inj. 100 mg/week
    Turinabol 20mg/day w 1-6
    Winstrol 50 mg/day w 7-12
    Pregnyl(HCG ) 5000iu after last inj. and 5000iu 2 weeks after
    Clomid as pct
    Nolvadex 10 mg/day whole cycle and pct.

    My stats are
    187 cm
    101 kg
    10 % bf

    Im looking to gain some quality muscles and still be able to train Muay-thai.

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    yeah: forget it! 100mg primobolan per week? wut for? 20mg t-bol?forget it!

    just use the test and bump up t-bol to 50mg ed.

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    not a cool cycle!!

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