I need info on Novarel--chorionic gonadatropin for injection--
I know what it is and what it does--what I need to know is does it work? I've noticed my sex drive decreasing signifigantly after my last two cycles. This treatment supposedly helps the body recover from the loss of all the x-tra juice post cycle. It helps with testicular atrophy or decrease in natural testosterone production--(which nobody seems to want to admit happens)--it "jolts" the body into producing/using leutinizing hormones to restore natural male hormone production. That's how a friend who's a sports Dr. described it to me--said that's the best way he could put it.-Now, what he couldn't tell me was how it would work in my case--his experience was limited to late teenaged males who were not reaching puberty normaly. So--if you know, share please.Thanx-Grendle