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    EQ/Winny cycle critique

    im running EQ 400mg/wk for 10 weeks and winny 50mg/EOD, just wondering whether it is better to put the winny at the beginning of my cycle or the end to harden up, or does it really matter, just wonderin cuz i want it in me asap so i can get cut up for the beach season

    oh and can i mix the eq and winny in the same syringe, i know oil and water dont mix but i just dont know if that matters when your injecting
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    No good. run the winny 50 mgED drink it if you don't want to stick everyday. get some test prop in there as well, 50 mg Ed/100mg EOD will suffice. I would alos run the EQ longer, 14-16 weeks and use the winny for the last six, run the test through out. JMO....

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