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    test cyp. and eq

    How does this look?

    Eq.-8wks. 400mg/wk
    testcyp.-8wks. 400mg/wk...nolva throughout cycle
    This is my first cycle and after all my research this is what i have decided to get. my pct looks like this

    nolvadex 3wks. pct
    clomid 3wks. 100mgs ed
    suggestions would be appreciated
    also what would i be lookin at for price and side affects

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    i would run it for 10 or 12 weeks cause it take 5-6 weeks for the eq to kick in,if your cyp is 250mg/ml i would go with 500mg a week.

    side may be anger spots ,bloat but shouldnt be too bad everyone reacts different.

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