Normally, i would do T-bol w/ Prop....but I finished a Test only cycle 2 months and not sure if I should wait longer to use Test again (for optimal results). Therfore, would it be better to use T-Bol alone or with EQ or Primo.

My goal is little or no mass/weight gain, decreased recovery time and increased strength. I am a semi-pro bicycle racer. BTW- I always stack any AAS with EPO, this is a nescessary component.

While using Test in the past, I liked the fact that I seem to never overtrain and had lots of power. What I didn't like is that I gained a few pounds, even though I trained for about 11 hours/week.

I also tried Deca , but lost fitness. The estrogen spike (felt like my head was going to explode) and shutdown (depressed) was horrible. Never Again. Winny is a no-no.

Thanks for the input