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    can you bring needles on airplane?

    if i put needles in my suitcase which i will check-in and NOT bring onboard the airplane( ie carry-on)

    can i do it?

    will my shit get confiscated etc?

    does it make a difference if i try to hide it in suitcase?

    thanks for help guys.

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    It will be much safer in check in luggage but you always run the risk of getting caught. I would try to make it look like an emergency shot for medical reasons. maybe in some case just for syringes from the pharmacy???

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    you'll be fine, as long as you check it. about 3-4 months ago i was in hollywood, and i bought this bottle openerthingy, that looked like a knife, you could deff. use as a weapon. and i just checked the bag, they took it, and didnt have a problem.

    as long as you dont have it on you, or on a carry on. you'll be fine.

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