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    I have dissed UG labs in the past.......

    and I am beginning to think it was me not the gear, I used an UG labs gear for my first ever cycle and didnt get shit from it except 20lbs of bloat. I recently found and few (haha) bottles of the same stuff I used for my first cycle in my closet. I just finished 10 weeks of sust and am now just finishing my first week (week 11) of my UG prop and let me tell you this shit kicks more than the sust, I gained ten solid lbs of the 10 weeks of sust, and so far this week I have went up 4 lbs, with no gain in BF, and I have changed nothing except the gear, this is just f*ckin awsome, 3 more weeks of this shit is gonna be killer, cant wait.

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    4 lbs in one week, lets hope its not just water.

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    good luck with your cycle that is killer gains hope for the same when i start my second.
    cant wait im like a child waiting for more sweets lol

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    I like UG's just as much as anything else..but with anything there are good labs and bad labs...

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