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    keeping juice in the fridge

    I am about to grab juice(deca ) from a friend that has said it has been sitting in his fridge unopened for some time now (it is not expired). Can storing juice in the fridge have any bad effects on the substance?

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    in the fridge..i wouldnt think so..freezer probably. gear could cloud up.

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    Firdge is okay for long-term storage but, I would recommend warm storage while on cycle. Deca can be pretty thick under normal circumstances, keep it cold and it's going to be really tough to inject. Go with room temp storage once you get hold of it. And, yes, by all means, as the bro above has said, use some Test with it. Deca alone will often result in a loss of libido--the famous "Deca Dick" you hear so many people talking about.

    I hope you've done enough research to know what you're getting into here.
    If not, do yourself a big favor and spend some months reading everything you can get your hands on about these compounds before you begin to use them.

    Don't rush into roids...knowledge is power Bro.

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