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    Problem drawing winstrol

    I tried to draw Denkall winstrol out of it's vial and could not get it to come out. It simply would not "pull" into the syringe.

    The needles I have are 25 G.

    I have not had this problem with amps or other vials I have used. I am not a newbie, but perhaps I am making a newbie mistake ?

    Someone please let me know if there are any tips or suggestions. Thanks

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    2 possible things you could do in my opinion...if your needing 1 cc then inject 1cc of air into vial..2cc=2cc of air and so on..if that doesnt work that well..then you could also try..putting a pin into one side of the top of the vial and take another pin with syringe and withdrawl your winny so that there is not suction being created.

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    you could try a 21 or 23 gauge.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hoopcat528
    Someone please let me know if there are any tips or suggestions
    Remove the crimp from the vial and drink it

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    I would use a 22 guage needle due to the fact drawing from the vial is a lot easier andd when u inject most of the crystals in the winnie will go in you instead of stay in the needle and get clogged, this happens a lot with 25 guages.

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    Draw with a 23g .. 25g is a pain to draw with..

    I use 23g and 25g to shoot winny.

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