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    how much clen is to much?

    I started clen a little more then a week ago and im up to 6 sprays of this sites clen... so im guesssing thats about 120mgs? i get a few hard headaches and shake all day but nothing i cant handle, can i bring up my doses? or should i not and also i was wondering if it was alrite if i do my cardio of the day about half an hour after i take it because i take clen as soon as i wake up and do my cardio on an empthy stomach, is that alrite?

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    you shouldn't exceed a dosage of 140 mcg per day. As for exercising, I do the same thing you mentioned at the moment but I just limit it to 30 min ed at low intensity. The heart is already racing above normal and too much added exertion will only lead to trouble. Just watch out for your heart.

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