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    Oral Dbol and Oral Winny stack

    I know this is not the best of stacks but its what my boy has and can get before the summer ends....

    He has 4 weeks of Dbol and 5-6 weeks of winny. What is best way to run this lil cyc?? thanks

    **hold off on the sarcastic remarks, ive done enough of that already, but now its time to do the best with what you have...

    thanks again!

    (Nolva and clomid on hand as well, also with milk thristle, trib and avina sativa)

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    Are you planning to use them yourself bro or is this for someone else?

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    bump.. like to kno as well.

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    That cycle is no good but you already know this. He will be a little bloated for a few weeks but no gains will come of it. Really not even worth getting shut down over.

    1-4 dbol
    3-8 winny

    if he is going to do it anyway....

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