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Thread: HGH Help

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    HGH Help

    I have the Jino kits and this is the first time I'm using hgh. It came with the water amps and 10, 10 IUs growth.

    I want to run 2 IUs per day and don't know how to do it.

    Do I put the 1 ml water in the 10 IU vial and draw 2 IUs per day x 5 days???

    Will it stay in dose if I mix the water and use it for a duration of 5 days???

    I see people post that they use 2-4 IUs daily, certainly their has to be a way.

    Thank you for any feedback

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    ..See if this helps you out....
    Reconstituting and measuring your GH

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    Thanks Almostgone, that's exactlly what I needed.

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    or just try the HGH forum??? ???

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