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    Injection Frequency

    Realistically how much of a difference would injecting test e once a week as a opposed to every 4 days make?

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    I like to shoot test E or C E3D. The Monday morning / Thursday evening thing do3esnt work well for me. Not very convenient. I like to shoot same time of the day because often I am also running daily shots of prop or fina or winny or something, and it is better to shoot something like that at approximately the same time each day.

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    First of all it takes that much longer for an appropriate level of test to build up in your body 2nd - steady blood levels = steady gains and less sides

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    it depends on your could be varying the test levels in your body by either 30mg between shots or 100mg.

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    I prefer 2x a week. I did a full load 3 times in the past and I felt that 2x a week works better.

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