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    Need Quick Answer - About to Shoot

    Shooting 2cc's of test cyp. I normally shoot the 2 cc's in the butt all in one shot, while I shoot my 1cc of tren in the quads alternating. Im getting tired of shooting the butt area and well prefer the quad cause its so much easier for me anyway. So with that in mind regarding my cyp shot.

    Would you:

    a. Shoot the 2cc's of the cyp in the same quad?
    b. Shoot 1cc of cyp in each quad?
    c. Doesn't matter?


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    _Tiger_ is offline Member
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    Jun 2005
    I Would do each..Why not, it'll be less painful

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    the quads a big muscle it will easily handle 2 cc mate,bang it in!

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    Quote Originally Posted by booz
    the quads a big muscle it will easily handle 2 cc mate,bang it in!

    That and next time you can use the other quad

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    2cc in the quad you can take it be a man

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    I have gone 3cc in one quad and I am not all that big. You can do it. 2cc is a piece of cake. I have even stuck 2cc in a pec.

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