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Thread: T250/Tren?

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    Hey bros. Quick few questions for you. Can you shoot 1cc of tren and 1cc of T250 at the same time. Next I hear alot of you are doing .75cc of tren ed. I am currently on 1cc tren eod and t250 mondays and thursdays. Is this enough, or do I need to bump it up? Thanks for all your help and imput.

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    is it tren acetate? if so, yeah, ed or eod, if it's enanthate , shoot it with the test, that's what i'm doing currently (testE and trenE) probs...


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    do 50 to 75mg/ED of the tren if it is tren acetate. Of course you can mix it with test in the same syringe. Prop is very popular for use alongside tren A. Keep the test slightly higher than the tren. Adjust the tren dosage for manageable side effects and adjust the test if necessary to keep it higher than the tren.

    There is no reason why you could not split your test dose up into daily doses and shoot ED with the tren. You can also continue shooting 2x/week and just shoot the tren on your test days with the test, and just tren on other days. It's all good and it all works.

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