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    wieght loss cycle critique

    i say wieeght loss instead of cutting cuz im at like 26% b/f, wieght 300, 6'3''
    i got my clen and t3 in today, just wondering if i have everythign in order b4 i start

    clen, starting at 20mcg e/d and gonna taper up as needed
    t3, 100mcg e/d
    100 mg benedryl everynight of each third week

    potassium and taurine if cramping occurs

    other supps - creatine, glutamine, and an NO2 supplements

    finally, does anyone know how much the ar-r liquid clen and t3 droplets are, is it 20mcg per droplet?

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    I'd get some slin pins or use real pins to measure. I would never dose either of those drugs with a dropper...Too inconsistent for my liking.

    Good luck with the run, and hopefully you shed a bunch of pounds by the time it as all said and done.

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