In my life time I have only done two cycles. That last was a few yrs ago. Somewhere between 2-5 (can't remember). Anyways, my doc did some tests early this year because I told him I was fatigued, ect. My test levels came back VERY low. Normal range is 400-1000 and mine was 142. So he perscribed me Androgel (which must be applied everyday - which is no big deal really). The one I have is a gel that comes out in a pump. It is %100 test with water and alcohol for the base. I use 10mgs of that a day. Could this drug (Androgel) be used like gear (Sust250, Test Enan, EQ) in a way that it will have the same effects as gear does? I know 70mg per week is not a lot (again thats 10mgs per day). Even if I doubled the dose to 20 mgs per day thats only 140mgs per week. Also, it is allpied through the skin and not by injecttion which I have heard is actually better but not sure. Any ideas on this subject?