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    intense pain days after pin

    Im gettin intense pain days after i pin in the area that i pin.. in this case, quads. My current cycle is 1cc finaject 1cc testprop, just wondering if there is anyway i could combat this pain or if there is a reason for it. I end up limping everywhere cause the pain is so intense, and working out leggs is out of the question completely, what can i do?

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    how long have u been on??? 1st 3 weeks i wld have sore quads 2 days after shot, last 2 shots (week 5) no pain at all...

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    uhm, well i just took my 3rd pin in the glutes tonight, hope that works out better then quads

    (this is yorgo17, im on friends pc sorry)

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    ya... prop in the quads is OUCH!!!

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    add some sterile oil and heat up the syringe....that should minimize pain.

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