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    Question Huge Problem Please help

    Im running 750mg of test enantate and 250mg of deca a week and recently i started dating this new girl and i tried to sex her the last 2 nites but couldn't blow and i would get unerect inside of her i mean last week i was having sex wit my ex and it was fine but this week i just can't anf it seems like my sperm count is gettin very low or sumthin iv been on my cycle for 2 n a half monthes please help me!

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    u r running 3 times the amount of test as deca , so i don't think it's deca dick unless your test is fake... i m taking 500mg test e and 400mg deca and i get wood very easily, but i do have a hard time nuttin... and when i do it seems like there isn't a whole lot comming out... maybe it was a mental thing?

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    I dont get it bro. with that much test you should be a walking boner. I would not suspect deca dick, but maby. try taking some trib or even drop the deca. if that dosent work you can always hit up the viagra

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    Nerves bro........ Relax, take the pressure of yourself with the new squeeze.

    Are you doing any HCG mid cycle? This may cure the issue.

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    i have a boner right now.

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    dude tha sux. i woudl get your test levels checked off the record by your doc, start running tribulus and tongkat ali, and buy some cialis off *****. (click the hyperlink)

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