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    Did I get some bad info?

    I am 29, 6'1 190lbs and have been lifting hard for about a year now and have hit a peak. On the advice of some of my buddies I am thinking about starting my first cycle and have read a lot about it on this site. The information that my friends are telling me contradicts some of the posts in the forum.

    I was told that I should do a 400mg Deca for 2 weeks then start 50mg winnie per day, but a lot of the posts on the board say that test should be run first.

    Any info you guys can give me would be greatly appreciated.

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    Irishguy22 is offline Junior Member
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    Jul 2005
    you gotta run test with that the deca will seriously shut down the boys unless you ahve test you will still see gains with just deca but the side effects are not worth it just throw in some test

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    MrMent1on is offline National Level Bodybuilder
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    best advice you can follow is follow the beginners cycle on the front page cant go wrong.

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    stay clear of ur friends advise! go with test e or cyp for 10weeks at 500mg/week. read up on pct as well.

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    Keep in mind you COULD follow your friend's advice and make good gains...

    We're just saying things will be better on your body and mind with test in there.

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