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    Finally, let the games begin!

    I did my first shot yesterday of eq 250, cyp250, and deca 250 in 2ccs and started anavar at 25mg's ED. This will be my cycle for the next 12 weeks. I started letro almost 2 weeks ago at 1.5mgs ED. I've also been taking B6 at 600mg and now 400mg(as I read a thread about the neurogical toxicity of too much B6, which supposedly begins at around 500mgs or more). B/c of the low doses, I don't think I'm at high risk, even though I'm gyno prone. I might get some nolva just in case.
    A friend of mine used this combo (minus the var) with great gains. I'm keeping the dose relatively low to make sure my body will tolerate the different substances.After a few weeks, if all goes well, I'll probably up the mL per shot to 3 mL's per shot. I'm expecting to make steady, solid gains from this cycle (first one by the way!). My buddy's getting some winstrol in a few weeks which I'll most likely add to the arsenal for the remaining weeks. I don't want to get bloated or gain a lot of body fat, so I'm staying on letro through out cycle and get winny towards the latter half of it. If anyone has comments please feel free!
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    best of luck bro! play it safe and smart...

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    seems good

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