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Thread: Sust???

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    Question Sust???

    This is my source trying to tell me Sust is a better first cycle then Test E. Also telling me you dont need to nesscarily inject EOD for Sust.

    Prop is the first to kick in and it is the first to leave the body.
    it does provide for excellent power. Sustanon is not like winstrol
    which has
    to be injected eveer other day due to short half-life. If half-life is
    problem than prop itself should be taken every second day. I do carry
    prop and that must be taken every second day. A competitor might want
    take Sustanon eve second day but again as a first cycle 500mg per week
    give very good results. I started at 250mg per week of Sustanon only
    and had
    great results. I normally recommend 500mg because the extra 250mg do
    make a
    big difference. As far as messed up blood pressure. I disagree at that
    particular dose. Blood pressure can be altered by any steroid and is a
    common side effect. To target sust directly especial at low doses is

    Does this sound stupid or wise to you guys?

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    well he is not lying..500mg a week is a good first cycle..was mine as a matter of fact and put on 25 pnds. but to make the most out of the esters, it should be shot eod. don't have to though. i like it personally and might do a cycle with it in the future again. but i can see how it wouldnt be recommended for a first cycle. single esters are easier and you can see how your body is going to react to a paticular one.

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    All that info he gave you is pretty accurate, when choosing from sustanon and test e there will be many different opinions, some people love sust and some dont, you cant really go wrong with test e especially on your first cycle, and you will have a more common opinion on test e with most members on the board, just research both and decide what sounds right for you.

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    Ok thanks guys, although you cant go wrong with Test E, Im gonna go ahead and do Sust 500mg a week for 10 weeks. Ill post my results

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