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Thread: anavar pct

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    anavar pct

    miy friend is taking time off from a cycle and he bought some anavar to take with some igf 1 to help with getting back some size. but then he heard anavar shuts u down... if so would it be pointless to take 4 weeks at 40 mg a day with the igf1 and if not how long of a pct should he consider after taking the anavar?

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    ive heard that strength gains dont come until week 4 on var. for pct just run 50mg of clomid ed for 3 weeks i believe.

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    Var will not help with size...strength yes....size no. It depends if he is trying to bring back natural testoterone production. If so...then var is pointless and he should save it for a future cycle. Stick with the IGF, creatine, glutamine and maybe throw in some clen along with the proper PCT.

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