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    Is superdrol any safer than a real oral steroid?


    Since superdrol is legal does that mean its any bit safer than a real steroid ? Perhaps turinabol or anavar as an example... And im not talking about liver toxicity only, I mean overall effects that steroids have on the body... Is superdrol safer or is its only real benefit over other orals the fact that its legal?

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    I personally think anavar is safer than superdrol from the info I have read. Superdrol doesn't just lower your good cholestorol, it pretty much destroys it. This is the problem with supplements like this. People think since it is legal it must be safe. I mean, they suggest using full blown PCT after a Superdrol cycle. I don't ever remember using PCT after a cycle of a "supplement" before.

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    I don't think it's safer than any oral roid...i agree with sprinter

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