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View Poll Results: How much weight do you put on during a cycle?

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  • 5-10 lbs

    4 15.38%
  • 10-15 lbs

    7 26.92%
  • 15-20 lbs

    9 34.62%
  • 20-25+ lbs

    6 23.08%
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    How much weight do you usually gain?

    How much weight do you normally put on when you cycle?
    If you've done multipule cycles, tell how much each cycle has added and what you ran during the cycle.

    I put on 32lbs my first cycle. (Sust 12wks/winny 6-7wks). I kept about 25lbs.

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    15-20 when it's all said and done.

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    Well when I was 185ish and gained to 205ish kept, then went to 220ish slowly gained over the next several cycles to 240. My diet must be on par with 230-240 as I cannot seem to stay heavier than that... I may change and try to get to 210-215 cut, or I need to learn to eat more as my dream was to be part of the 300 club.

    My answer is it depends... You gain more if you are not at your genetic limits... I believe once you are close 5-10 lbs of lean muscle have to be fought for... If everyone gained 20lbs per cycle and they start at 200lbs it only takes 5 cycles to get to 300lbs - and that simply is not the case.

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    I generally gain between 10 and 15 and keep about 6-8, but I have not done a full on bulk cycle in 8 or 10 years; however, in all of my cycles I always pursue quality over quantity. That's why I love the sweet nector of the gods...Tren ....mixed in with some Prop of course.... and Winny, although the older I get the tougher the winny is on the old bones and tendons.
    BTW Meso where can I get the download of the video in your avatar...funniest thing I've seen in along time man . I'll log a couple of times a day, find you posts and laugh my freaking a$$ off.


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