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    Acking pain in knee

    Currently i am running Test E 250 with shots every 3 days of 1cc. About a week in a half ago i started getting this pain in my left knee that feels kind of like tendeniticy (or however you spell it). I was wondering if anyone got this sort of pain anywhere else in there body and if so what did you do to get rid of the pain. My pain is so bad it hurts to bend my knee at all. Sometimes it hurts when i walk. I need a quit reply because i havent been able to do any leg workouts and my legs feel weak ass hell.

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    I had a similar thing (not on juice though) . I found that using knee straps for a while while taking in a daily amount of glucosamine. I have no knee problems anymore.

    Also make sure you keep your legs warm during training (wear long legged bootoms as opposed to shorts). This keeps the ligaments and tendons worm and stretchy..and make sure you warm your knees up properly first.

    That's all I can think of from my experience.

    Good luck

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