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    Test E & Decca OR Sust & Decca

    Hi i am just about to go on cycle for 12-14 weeks its my third cycle and was looking at Sust 250 and Decca 200 in 1 shot twice a week (+ DBOL ). I then read the article why not to do sust and think it could be a mistake as i am only shooting twice a week. Whould Test E and Decca be a better cycle. I did Test E 500mg per week before for seven weeks but did not feel i made massive gains maybe not long enough.

    Also everyone says not to do sust unless EOD which is against what the profile says on steroid .com?

    Any Help Appreciated

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    I think you answered your own question bro. Sust, when properly ran, shoud be injected EOD(ED would be ideal) to take advantage of the short acting prop ester. Enth and deca really only need to be injected bi-weekly because of their longer esters. If you decide to go with the sust I would suggest running NPP instead of decanoate.

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    ill recomend test en @ 500mg u can take 2 shoots per week with deca @ 400 mg also twice & u may mix them n the same syring

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    i dont mean to jus pop up in your conversation but ya'll are the only folks talkin bout sus. you reckon you could answer a few questions for me?

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