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Thread: bulk cycle

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    Question bulk cycle

    What would u prefer..:

    cycle 1:
    1-12 : gh 4iu day
    1-10 : sustanon 750mg a week
    1-4 virormone prop 100 eod
    1-6 dbol 40mg ed
    (maybe deca 400mg a week)?


    Cycle 2

    1-10 :deca 400mg
    1-10 : testex or testoviron 750 mg a weeek
    1-4 dbol 40mg eod
    5-10- trenbolone 75mg eod

    Or just go 6 weeks with dbol/test/tren ...
    Nolva and clomid on hand...

    I´m ´looking to gain as much mass as posible...
    Stats 95kg - 188cm - 23 years old

    I´v heard many good thing about gh, but is it worth it...without slin...I´m not going to use slin..thats for sure...

    Please leave me a comment....

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    Number 2.... It will certainly result in alot of mass and I believe better quality of gains than number one...
    As far as GH, I love the stuff... I am in my late 30's and for me it makes a big difference in my cycles. Is it worth it?? If you factor in the cost I would say maybe. In terms of mass gains you will certainly see more from heavy androgens than GH. If you can afford it is a good addtion. I only wish I could afford to add it more often to cycles!!!
    Don't expect any huge mass gains from GH... For most in sensible dosages it will add to the overall quality of gains, fat loss (especially localized), quality of life, and reduce / alleviate some types of injury (usually associated with tendons / ligaments)...

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