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    Fifth Cycle Critique

    I am about to start my Fifth cycle in August Lasting for 18weeks.

    100mg / Prop / EoD
    300mg / Enathate/ Ew
    D-bol /Twice a day
    200mg deca / Ew
    Transition from deca to Tren Later in the cycle
    100mg / Tren / EoD
    Winstrol 55mg Caps / ED 2 times (maybe substitute with Something else being as how winny drys my joints out)

    500grms Protein a day
    250 Carbs a day
    Training 5 days a week

    I currently weight 200 lbs with 11% bodyfat , 6'2 (before pic and after pics being posted soon)

    Lookin for a Critique on what people with more experience might give to me and what i should try , also not to sure if i should go with higher doses so any help with that would be much appreciated as well.

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    looks like winny is kind of high....why the transition to tren ?

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    Don't like it. ED for Prop and Tren , and I would rather see you run EQ the whole cycle, cause Deca takes a while to start working... and you don't want to take it at the same time as Tren. So, I would either say EQ for the whole cycle, or NPP for the part where you're currently planning on Deca.

    my 2cc's.

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