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    Please help, bros. Feeling mixed signals

    I was hoping some who are more experienced than me could put me in the right direction. I am 8 weeks in to my first cycle. (first, stats: 6'4, 210, 17%bf, 33yrs old, lifting 9 years) I am taking 400 mg test cyp and 300 mg deca per week. This was supposed to be a 10 week cycle and was prescribed by an hrt clinic. Well, not to throw any names out, but that hrt clinic got shut down last week and is no more (at least for the time being). Because I hadn't gotten my Clomid yet and was still 2 weeks short of test, I called another hrt clinic who is likely a little more respected and advertises here (again no names). They looked at my blood work and recommend that I change my test to esther and stretch the therapy out to 12 or 16 weeks. They also highly recommend that I add hcg now as it is 8 weeks into the program. They also precribed hGH to start immediately and suggest I take it for 6 months. Now, I'm all fine with this, but I started with a simple cycle of 12 weeks which has been stretched out to 12 or 16 weeks (which I feel is fine based on current cycles), but I've heard hcg is not necessary, but they say it absolutely is! Then the hGH....I dunno. I've heard horror stories and I don't know if I want to take this stuff. I feel like I'm about to be a human pin cushion. What do you all think? Suggestions?? Warnings?

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    going from 8 weeks into your 1st cycle to a 6month run of hgh is a big step

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    They want money bro... I would use hcg at our age, but you can get clomid right here from the sponsor. I would think if you can get insurance to pay for this then go for it. If they cannot or you cannot get proapproval then run just a bit more test and hit PCT... hcg would not be required just helpful.

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