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    What Shud I Take?

    A reliable source of mine will be bringing in deca , premo, sust, and anadrol ...... Ive herd of good gains from anadrol but was worried about the side effects....if you guys have any comments on what one should perferebly take, please let me 5'11, 170...have been working out for past 3 years and have made quite a bit of gains naturally...i knwo im still skinny, but in order to play my sport in the states I have to bulk up to about a power forward in this is something that has to be done.....please feel free to leave a comment...thanks

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    I would go with the Sust., maybe some anadrol for the first 2 or 3 weeks to jupstart.
    d-bol seems to be safer. (and for me feels better also)

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