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    slight injury..need advice

    On my 4th week of test cyp 400mg a week w/ nolva. Woke up one morning last week with pain around my shoulder blade like a pinched nerve, but have had a slight muscle tear in that area once before. Started iceing it and taking naproxen 500mg 2x a day. laid off the gym for a couple of days but need to get back.It's feeling a little better but I dont want to mess up my cycle.Should I lift lighter w/ more reps or what?

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    any help????????????

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    The RICE method.


    Get it checked out by a Doc if after a few days the pain has persisted. ICE is your friend my man, it helps with the swelling. Don't completely avoid the gym, hit up some Cardio to get some nutrient rich blood into your system and the damaged area. Also, increase your Cals. Your body could use all it can to get better, nows not the time to deprive it of anything.

    But first and foremost, get a Doc to check it out.

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