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Thread: Too much Test?

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    Too much Test?

    Here's a thought that I could use some input bros...
    Presently on week 4 of Sust 250 (2Xwk) and Deca 300mg (just changed it to 450mg/wk. I realize I should use the Sust EOD but did not have enough to do it that way for my cycle, so I stretched it with 2X/wk. Well I now have run across Test Cyp 250mg. What would you do....start the Sust EOD as I should've and when I run out add the Test Cyp both Sust and Test Cyp at same time along with the Deca? Considering the Sust and Cyp are all different compunds thought it might be a effective combo. Thoughts on what YOU would do...those who are experienced with Test please...thanks in advance, Hans

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    run both....i would change the sus to eod if you can. Cyp can be shot twice a week though. Just don't over do the total mg of test per week. Imo don't go over 750mg per week of test.

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