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Thread: Injection Pains

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    Injection Pains

    I have been doing 50mg prop ED and was mostly fine
    however i increased this to 75mg ED and my muscle, post injection has been so painful the next day, i am having to take days off from the gym

    this is my third cycle so i am used to a little pain, but i havent experienced it this bad before, i cant see how a 25mg a day increase can make such a difference
    i am using 1 1/2" pins for my glute and 5/8" pins for the others

    the worrying thing is i am starting 50mg Tren ED next week on top of the prop - i dont think i'm even gonna make it to the gym AT ALL if the pain gets any worse

    any suggestions?

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    well in upped it 50 percent....could have an effect on soreness for sure...try cutting it with b12.

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