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    D-Bol and cycle questions

    Hey guys. Just wondering if you could lend some advice. I am thinking of doing a cycle of Dbol and Equipoise . I am thinking of running the Dbol for 6 weeks @ only 15mg ED. The Eq I would take for 12-14 weeks @ 300mg a week. I know these dosages seem low but i am not looking to get huge, I just want to put on a few pounds and harden up. How much would you guys say I have to gain from a cycle like this? Also, what is the longest and safest amount of time I can run the Dbol? Is 6 weeks a maximum? Thanks for any advice.

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    Why don't you just run a low dose test only cycle(400mg/ew)? If you feel the need kick start with 20mg/ed Dbol . You will be happier with the results in the end

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    That cycle is no good. You need to run some type of Test or you will get shut down hard. The Dbol is also in a dose that IMO you won't be happy with. This also looks like it's your first cycle and you wan't to get some mass on you.

    What are your stats/goals/etc?

    I would recommend
    Test E 500mg wk 1-10
    Dbol 30mg ED wk 1-4
    Nolva preferrence 20mg wk 1-4 after week 4 10mg all throughout

    *What does your diet look like?

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    I agree with Benches505. I would add test ( 400mg) and drop the Eq. You can run dbol for the 1st 4 weeks at 25 mg ed. You will like the results

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