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Thread: T3 or Clen

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    T3 or Clen

    What is better to cut up? Which has the least sides? Also which one would use for PCT with Clomid?

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    without a doubt ....clen ...... t3 turns your motabolism into a furnace for burning calories but your messing with your thyroid and you might screw yourself up and have to take thyroid pills forever

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    Quote Originally Posted by ninthprince22
    What is better to cut up? Which has the least sides? Also which one would use for PCT with Clomid?

    As far as fat buring potential t3 is better. But unfortunly it also has worst sides. It is not good for pct because it is catabolic.

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    Having used both i would say i experienced more sides with clen . T3 is def the more powerful of the 2 but i would research it heavily before any use.

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    there is absolutely no evidence to support the claim that t3 use, even over years of use, will "mess" up or permanently suppress your natural is not to be used without some sort of aas (because during a cycle, your natural levels are suppressed somewhat)...otherwise, it is only useful to bring your levels to within an "optimal" range, so unless you're defecient, i wouldnt mess with it "off cycle", as you will become highly catabolic and lose shitloads of muscle...clen is good for fat burning, but ive said it before, and i'll say it again, your diet and training are your number fat burners...BELIE DAT!


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    I all ways add clen to my pct it helps to keep gains. I would all so say that clen has more noticabel sids like: sweting, shakeing, hot flashes, ect .... and I notice no side on T3 but have read that prolonged use can negitivly efect the thiroid.

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